Home Knowledge base Announcements Community Activities How To Add a Recipient To Send Fiat Payments Through The New Platform

Please ​login on https://platform.cashaa.com/ and follow these steps to add a recipient on Cashaa wallet.

Step 1. Please add recipient in your account before sending payments. To do so, click on Add Recipient on the left Sidebar to send money to your recipient as shown on the image below:



Step 1/a: Click on Add a recipient on top of your dashboard, Please refer to the image below:

Step 1/b: After clicking on Add a recipient, you need to add details of your recipient accordingly and click Confirm. Please refer to the image below:

Step 1/c: Your recipient will appear on your dashboard  as shown on the image below and then you need to click on Get Verification Link to verify beneficiary for send payments:



Step 2: You will receive a confirmation link on your email for verification. Please tap on Verify email as shown on the image below:

Step2/a: Once you tap on Verify email, you will be redirected on the link where it says” Status – Verification Successful”. 

Step3: After successful verification please come on the dashboard and  you will see your recipient verified, refer to the image below:

Step4: Please go on Activity on the left side bar and tap on Send money on top of your dashboard. Refer to the image below:

Step 5: To Send money you need to add the Amount and confirm, Tap on Recipient to enter your recipient, tap on Pay , review details of your transfer,  Confirm and send the payment to your recipient, please refer to the images below:



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