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MXC Exchange Listing- Last 24 hrs remaning to complete the CAS deposit

MXC exchange, is top 3 largest exchange, with a daily volume of more than $ 3 Billion USD. MXC has launched a deposit campaign for Cashaa (CAS). If you want Cashaa to get listed on MXC you have to vote now.Dear Community,

The campaign is live and extended for 48 hrs till 11 March, 14:00 (UTC+8).

What do you have to do?

1. Create an account on MXC, using the link or by visiting MXC.com

2. Click on Assets -> My Assets -> Deposit

3. Select Cashaa (CAS) from the dropdown list and make a deposit of minimum 1 CAS to show your vote. (You can deposit as much as you want there is no max limit.)

Don’t have BNB to pay the network fee?

Ask for free BNB to pay the network fee from

1. MXC angels in MXC English Telegram Group

2. Cashaa admins in Cashaa Telegram Group @CryptoShaolin @dragonfly_c

3. Start a discussion with subject “BNB Network fee for MXC Listing” at help.cashaa.com


Deposit Reward: Get a 2% bonus.

Users who join the deposit campaign for Cashaa (CAS) during the deposit period are able to receive 2% of the net-deposit amount of the token after Cashaa is successfully get listed. For more detail click here.


You can withdraw CAS in case Cashaa does not win the deposit campaign. If you have any question join our To read MXC’s announcement with further detail click here.

Complete your deposit NOW and also ask other community members to do it!

Together we can reach the minimum required 2000 participants! Let’s show that we have enough token holders to get listed on an exchange.


This is an exchange choice to list CAS at their exchange, no Cashaa employee or management has any involvement in the listing activity. CAS is a public token and it’s the responsibility of users to manage their token.

Your Cashaa Team


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