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Dear Cashaa Family,

This month is set to include a series of influential events for us! While being invited to speak at Unleash Blockchain Conference, Amsterdam from 10 -11 December 2018 and Hard Fork Decentralized, from 12–14 December 2018, we yesterday addressed our community at Fortune Asia 2018 on 5 December 2018 in Mumbai.

Fortune Asia 2018 was an event organized jointly by Tefla’s and the Global CIO Forum on Blockchain — Future Tech & Currency, and included the CIO 200 Awards, awarding the top CIOs that have left their mark on the industry in 2018.

Realizing the potential of the blockchain technology in enhancing various sectors, our Founder and CEO, Kumar Gaurav delivered a keynote speech over “The Future of Financial Infrastructure — Blockchain remolding financial services”. The video can be seen here.

The speech was followed by a panel discussion over “Blockchain Roadmap”, where Kumar shared his outlook along with other pioneers of the blockchain industry, namely Karthik Iyer, Founder, Blockchain Monk, Mumbai; Ashley Turing, Founder & CEO, Live Tree; Dr Evan Singh Luthra, Founder, EL Group International, Almora; Arvind Ravindranath, Associate, Nishith Desai Associates; Varun Sethi , Partner, Blockchain Lawyer and N S Nappinai, Advocate (Cyber Laws):

The panel discussion was followed by the Global CIO Forum awards ceremony, where Kumar received the award for top next-gen CIO 2018! This highlight of the conference certainly is also one of the highlights of the year for us and we would, therefore, like to say a big Thank You to our community for having come with us so far. All our awards would never have been possible without Your valuable support!

For further details about the event, see here.

Kumar will be in Mumbai until 15 December — let us know if you want to meet him!

For any queries and ideas, reach us at hello@cashaa.com

For our full upcoming events calendar, please visithttps://cashaa.com/events.php

Many thanks again,

Team Cashaa

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