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Cashaa is emerging as one of the leading players in neo banking whose mission is to provide easy to use banking services for old and new currencies. The concept of allowing users to seamlessly manage fiat and crypto was brought up by serial entrepreneur Kumar Gaurav along with a strong workforce of the best, brightest, and most passionate people in the industry.

We would now like to welcome Mr. Arnab D who is joining us as Head Marketing Communication. Arnab is a seasoned journalist with over 24 Years of experience in Media. Apart from this he has in the last few years worked on brand communication, corporate communication, public relations, and crisis management for some of the top global brands. In his last assignment, he worked with H+K Strategies India, leading global financial and management institutions with their India communications plans.

Arnab is a first-class Mass Communication and Journalism post-graduate from the University of Pune who loves to collect action figures and work on DIY projects. During his years in Journalism, he has worked with media houses like CNBC, India Today Group, NDTV, France 24, and BloombergTV in business and international desk. He has also consulted brands like Audi, GSK, ITC, Morgan Stanley, HSBC, and S&P Global to name a few.

He has also had the distinction of being a media consultant to the Indian Parliament and German trade body such as Messe Munchen. Mr. Arnab has the distinction of making a series of documentaries on NREGA as a part of the Social Audit for the Government of India. 

He has also produced some of the signature shows in Indian media such as Weekender, Indianomics, Wizards of Dalal Street (Wallstreet of India). During this period he has the distinction of interacting with some of the biggest corporate names globally.

With the induction of Arnab, we intend to use his connection and skills in journalism to do better storytelling for Cashaa. Apart from this Arnab’s experience in working with brands for their marketing communication will help us work effectively across our potential markets and enable Cashaa to build a wonderful growth timeline with interesting storytelling at every corner.
We are looking forward to our journey together!

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