Home Knowledge base Announcements Final Call to Migrate Cashaa wallet before 20 August 2020!

Despite multiple emails from Cashaa notifying you to migrate your Cashaa account from decentralised platform to centralised, there are many users who haven’t migrated yet.

Cashaa once again extends the deadline to 20 August 2020 to facilitate all such users to complete migration who haven’t migrated till date.

Please be informed that for all users who try to migrate after 20 August 2020, we will send only the decryption algorithm on 21st August using which users can recover their Private key to migrate on their own.

Cashaa will provide NO SUPPORT in migrating Cashaa wallet after 20 August 2020

Please refer the below link for step by step procedures of account migration:


Cashaa requests all the users who haven’t migrated their wallets one last time to migrate immediately.

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