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Hello Cashaa Family,

As you know we have removed the support of BNB from the existing Cashaa wallet, Users who have BNB can withdraw the BNB from the Send page after migrating from the decentralised wallet. 

An important announcement to reduce the hassle of transferring out BNB from your accounts.

Cashaa is happy to convert the BNB available to customers into CAS tokens with a 10% bonus and credit the tokens to the Cashaa account. 

Please be noted that BNB deposits made before the migration is announced, will be eligible for this promotion.

Any users who are eligible and wish to convert the BNB into CAS need to raise a support ticket before 25th June 2020 and the tokens plus bonus will be credited to the migrated centralised wallet instantly.

If you wish to take advantage of this promotion, raise a customer support ticket from your Cashaa account with the below subject.  

Subject: Convert my BNB In CAS 

Below is the conversion rate for converting BNB to CAS.

Conversion rate for the 1 BNB= 2500 + 250 (Bonus) = 2750 CAS will be credited. 

Awaiting your responses through support tickets to convert and credit tokens.

Have a great day!!


Note: Please find the image below as a reference from where you can send the BNB to your external account.

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