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Cashaa’s mission is to provide a secure and stable banking experience for the crypto community and any business or individual that has been underserved by traditional banks. To know about our latest developments you can read the October AMA with Kumar Gaurav, CEO Cashaa.

In July 2019, more than 5 Million Crypto users in India have been left with no option after banks and other financial institutions in India have been forbidden to provide services related to cryptocurrencies, such as transacting with exchanges and other crypto businesses. 

Since Cashaa’s banking services launched in May 2019, more than 750 businesses worldwide are in process to get banked through our system or leave their existing non-crypto-friendly banking system which only serves themselves and people with power.

Cashaa was able to find a stable P2P solution through its vast network of traders and brokers in India. Our system will solve the problem of liquidity and speed using a P2P engine at the backend which does all the complex work and makes buying and selling simple for average users. 

On the occasion of Diwali, a festival for wealth and prosperity, we are announcing the launch of INR deposits with buy and sell of Bitcoin, Ether, and Cashaa for Indian residents, up to 1 crore INR per month. Min deposit amount is 25,000 INR up to 10 lakh INR in a single transaction.

To access our trade network with unlimited liquidity, users must have min 2,500 CAS token in their Cashaa Wallet. It is important to note that crypto stored within the Cashaa wallet is controlled by the user. Cashaa or any of its team members do not have access to your crypto, which makes users’ funds protected in case of any misfortunate event with Cashaa, unlike any other exchange. While creating the account users will get a PDF file with the encrypted private keys which can be used to recover crypto funds.

The service fee is 3.49% for buy & 0.99% for sell for all the crypto available on the platform. The fee can decrease up to 35% for users paying in CAS (the platform’s native token), making it 2.2% for buy & 0.65% for sell. Please see all the available plans at our pricing page and the fees & limits for the platform. 

We welcome the Indian crypto community which is left without any stable and secure option to buy real digital gold this Diwali. 

Other than solving a pressing issue for crypto enthusiasts in India, the service will increase CAS utility, as it adds to the multiple CAS use cases: CAS holders worldwide can participate in the staking program for individual users and get a quarterly revenue share, personal and business users can pay for transaction fees and get a discount, business users can pay their onboarding fee and get access to the required account limits, complementary services, and more.

CAS is currently available at Cashaa wallet where users can buy CAS tokens through bank transfer (IMPS, NEFT, SWIFT, FPS), credit and debit cards or through Binance DEX.

For more information about Cashaa, see here.

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