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Thanks to all who joined our monthly Community AMAs yesterday, for all who couldn’t make it, here’s all the very latest. May has been a month full of new contacts in all relevant areas, which we can’t wait to share with you!

Product Development

Our business accounts are continuing to attract a huge number of businesses, so far 362 have registered since we launched on 8 April 2019, of which 17 got approved, 16 are being processed and 19 got rejected so far. We are working on hiring and training new staff to achieve more onboarding.

Concerning personal accounts, we are in time from a technical, compliance and regulatory perspective, with the roadmap having preponed the launch from Q1 2020 to Q3 2019. The earliest beta accounts will be given to the community in July 2019.

Operational Development

Concerning customer support, we currently have a turnaround time of 6–24 hours. In some cases, it may be higher, and we did not have availability on weekends so far. To solve both these issues, we are also hiring and training more team members for support.

Thanks to our customers for their kind feedback which helps us enhance both these areas, which are very important to enable us to capture our leads, which currently are running more ahead.

Marketing & Sales

Our last month was a full success, with 2 major conferences, Consensus 2019 and Malta Blockchain Summit:

At Consensus, we got over 70 new customer signups and over 30 new partners for sales, white-labeling, product enhancement, and investment. More than what we expected, this includes 2 major white-labeling partners that have over 3 million users, as well as 4 strategic banking partnerships with leading industry foundations for direct customer onboarding.

Most notably, in Consensus, we realized if we are able to onboard US customers, we can double our growth rate and token utility, which we are now working very aggressively on, aiming to enable it in this quarter.

At Malta Blockchain Summit, similarly, we got huge interest from many businesses of the industry, especially from ICO companies who are looking to white label our solution for their community. On the white labeling side, it can take time to enable that, but it is a huge business opportunity to get millions of customers, and we are working on deciding the date to enable that. Overall, in Malta, we were able to attract over 40 customers and 15 partners.

Online Marketing

Concerning Marketing, we have done a fixed banner ad in Coinmarketcap, where you pay for 24 hours and see results. We have run them on Tuesdays/Wednesdays to stress test our system and see e.g. how many and which kinds of leads are coming from which country. The results include many individual users compared to business users, however, it also brought business use cases, and most important were the test results for our team to make enhancements. Now on 23rd/24th June, the ad will run for 48 hours to see how the system is behaving, how the response is, and the ads will be more focused on how our token is helping businesses and banking the crypto community.

Other than that, we are also planning CPM adsGoogle and social media ads focused on product and banking will start in July.

Referral Marketing (Business Customers) for Individuals

We would like to leverage our great community by introducing referral programs. If you as an individual bring business customers, you get our banking services including a MasterCard early at no cost, in July (while regular accounts will start in September), if you are a resident of Europe/UK. Outside Europe, not all features may be available yet, however, it will include already the overall banking service including IBAN and UK current account as well as interest on deposits, which we are now working on with partners to make it live in July. One business customer is enough for one individual to get you the banking services.

What if you bring more businesses? With every successful business, you get 150 USD in your Cashaa account which you can spend through your MasterCard, or which you can get in your existing bank account.

Additionally, you will also get updated to a higher plan with fewer CAS tokens required.

Please note, to participate in our referral program, you need to hold a stake of 50,000 CAS.

Detailed instructions on this program will be issued on 10th June.

Referral Marketing (Business Customers) for Businesses

We are looking for complementary businesses to become our partners, such as accounting and law firms that are helping businesses set up in innovation-friendly jurisdictions that attract crypto businesses and other relevant industries. These firms will act as our local representatives and will assist their clients in opening an account with us.

As our partner law/accounting firm, for every successful business onboarding, you get 500 USD. To participate in this program, a minimum stake of 100,000 CAS is required. More information will be given on 12th June.

CAS Token Updates

The reasons to halt the CAS token trading, as well as the CMC listing, include giving the team time to act, preventing the impact the price from stolen tokens, as well as to demotivate bad actors in general.

CMC can be used by scammers to show the CMC rank in an OTC deal, therefore it was important to halt that as well.

Concerning a token swap, the decision is not final yet, we are working with the relevant teams to evaluate the feasibility.

A swap will only happen with a community vote. Stolen funds will be shared with the community, to show its strength and unity. (Details will be given in a sperate ANN)

Please always remember the importance of keeping your tokens safe, no matter the amount you hold, whether 1 CAS or 100 Million CAS.

Lastly, we would like to remember you to join our official Telegram group to always stay up to date: https://t.me/cashaanews

To see the AMA presentation, click here. As always, thank you for your great support!

The Cashaa Team

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