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Hello All,

Cashaa has moved from ERC20 to BEP2 platform in 2019 and have requested all CAS holders to swap the CAS tokens from ERC20 to BEP2 platform before 25 December 2019. Majority of the users have swapped their CAS tokens in time and have got their swapped tokens with them.

Some of the CAS holders haven’t swapped before 25 December 2019 which was the cutoff period for Swapping CAS. Cashaa didn’t leave those users back and have facilitated to swap the tokens even after the deadline and have announced a future date i.e. 13 January 2021 to release the lately swapped tokens with a 5% deduction.

But,  with an increase in the range of CAS token usage, Cashaa wanted to allow users to gain the benefits of using CAS tokens and also increase the liquidity. Hence, Cashaa has decided to release the lately swapped tokens on 18th August 2020 without any deduction and have set a deadline to swap tokens as late as 15 August 2020.

To make the best of this opportunity, Cashaa requests all its users to finish the CAS swap (ERC20 to BEP2) process before 15 August 2020 who haven’t swapped till date.

Please refer to the following link to know the step by step procedure of CAS SWAP process:


Hurry up and complete the CAS SWAP process. 

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