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Cashaa will open accounts to India, USA, UK & Europe

Cashaa is excited to announce it is listing on KuCoin exchange to aid the adoption of its native CAS token in conjunction with the rollout of the world’s first crypto friendly banking platform. Cashaa will be aggressively rolling out its services across India, USA, UK & Europe over the next 3 months.

Cashaa already provides banking services to hundreds of leading crypto businesses. “KuCoin having 6 million users worldwide will significantly increase the awareness of Cashaa’s banking services and the accessibility of the CAS token” said Kumar Gaurav CEO of Cashaa.

In India, Cashaa will serve customers through it’s joint venture Unicas, which will be rolling out an online application and physical branches for its services.

Mr Gaurav stated “Our branches will be aimed at the education and introduction of cryptocurrency to the Indian population. This is a significant moment in history as these are the first physical branches to enable crypto friendly banking services.”

Johnny Lyu, CEO at KuCoin Global, said “Bringing crypto to the mass is one of the key missions at KuCoin, and we are excited about the physical crypto bank branches to be opened in India by UNICAS. The crypto adoption is inevitable and KuCoin will continue to support crypto gems that contribute to this goal.”

Cashaa has built a regulatory compliant banking platform which enables users to transact in fiat and crypto seamlessly from the one account dashboard. The platform gives its users access to the Indian banking system, Bank of England, European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve with JP Morgan as a Correspondent Bank.

The CAS token which will power the banking ecosystem and is an essential requirement to use Cashaa’s services. Utilities include: Activating bank accounts, discount on transaction and international wire fees, free FX and crypto exchange as well as staking for crypto debit cards and exclusive banking services.

From January, Cashaa will start offering its services to individuals and businesses in all 50 states of the USA, followed by the UK and Europe in February.


KuCoin Listing Schedule:

Trading will go live on Kucoin at 18:00 December 21, 2002 (UTC+8).

Deposits are open now

Withdrawals will open December 22, 2020


The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

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