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Remember our Meme competition a year ago? We would like to capture that great spirit again and therefore announce a new edition, running from 1–18 July 2019!

How does it work?

Make a high-quality, unique, original and creative GIF and/or meme showing your love for Cashaa and our bright future ahead!

Post your GIF/MEME here:


We have 2 categories:

MEME competition (SUBMISSION DEADLINE 18 July 2019)

1st place: 10,000 CAS 🥇

2nd place: 7,000 CAS 🥈

3rd place: 4,000 CAS 🥉

GIF competition (SUBMISSION DEADLINE 18 July 2019) :

1st place: 15,000 CAS 🥇

2nd place: 9,000 CAS 🥈

3rd place: 5,000 CAS 🥉


→ QUALITY IS KEY if you want to WIN!

Disclaimer: We, the Cashaa team, reserve the right to reject any submission or change of any rules to this competition at any time as we wish.

Good luck !!

The Cashaa Team

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