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We are pleased to share that we are now providing market-beating yields on Fiat-equivalent assests under the Cashaa Earn product on the Cashaa app – users can now earn interest of up to 16% on their cGBP deposits.

Why earn a yield on Fiat-equivalent Digital Assets? 

While the crypto markets offer many exciting investment opportunities, crypto assets are also known for their volatility. As the crypto space becomes increasingly long term-focused, there is a pressing need for financial products that guarantee a stable stream of income.

The Cashaa Earn offers users the opportunity to generate passive returns on an asset that will hold its value, and hedge against the volatility of other crypto and fiat assets. In a bear market, a portfolio that includes passive earn income in a historically stable fiat-equivalent assests like cGBP can generate inflation-beating returns to meet your immediate financial needs.

Why choose cGBP Cashaa Earn?

In addition to cGBP, Cashaa now offers Earn features on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Tether and USD Coin, and other Fiat currencies, which come with the following benefits:

1. The Cashaa Earn strategy optimizer, which offer returns only on assets that have high institutional demand for credit and liquidity, leading to minimum risk.

2. A daily compounded interest, which leads to a higher yield over time.

3. A minimum deposit of just £50, and no minimum investment period for flexi plans, so everyone can start earning a passive return with minimum capital.

4. Finally, users who wish to receive interest in CAS tokens will receive the highest APY with CAS bonus!

How to use Cashaa Earn Flexi Plans:

1. Update your app to the latest version.

2. Deposit, buy or exchange to cGBP.

3. Voila, you will start earning daily interest within 24-48 hrs. for the balance kept in your cGBP wallet.

Note that while there is no minimum investment period, redemptions are actioned every 24 hours.

How to use Cashaa Earn Fixed Plans:

Please refer to the below step by step video guide link for Cashaa Earn Fixed Plans tutorials:

How to make Fixed deposit in Fiat currency on Cashaa

cGBP – Fixed Deposit rates based on Membership Tiers:

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