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Supercharge Your Deposits

Whether you’re saving $1,000 or $1 million, Cashaa Earn helps you maximize the earning power of your assets to help you generate a safe, secure passive income.

How to participate? 

Follow these simple steps and start earning up to 36% interest on your idle fiat & crypto assets:

1. Login to your secure Cashaa account at https://platform.cashaa.com/

2. Deposit crypto asset into your Cashaa Wallet or convert directly from Fiat Currency (USD,GBP,EUR) on the Cashaa platform.

  • Earn on FIAT  is available for USD, GBP wallet.
  • Earn on Crypto is available for BTC, ETH, BNB, CAS, USDT, USDC with more assets coming soon!
Warning! Please note that Cashaa does not support wrapped coins that are pegged to (i.e., represent) coins from another 
blockchain. Тransferring such assets to your Cashaa account will result in permanent loss.

3. Earn! You will start earning compounding interest after a minimum of 24 hours of your transfer. All interest is paid out daily. Your interest is automatically paid into your Savings Wallet so that the next day you begin earning interest on it too.

4. Enjoy your high-yield passive income.

1. What are the interest rates (APY)?

APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield and its determined by:

1. Your Loyalty level.

2. The type of Plan: Saving Interest Plan & Fixed Deposit Plan

3. Interest Mode.

  • If the default interest mode selected as “In Kind” (the same fiat/cryptocurrency), then there is no additional bonus and user will receive interest in the same currency.
  • If the interest mode selected as “In CAS”, then user receive up to +3% extra interest on their holdings and user will receive interest in CAS token only.

2. Which plan do I select, what’s the difference?

Detailed comparison between Saving Interest Plan and Fixed Deposit Plan are shown below :

3. What are the minimum and maximum Deposit limits for Cashaa Earn? If yes, where to look for it?

There is no minimum and maximum limit for Saving Interest Plan. But for Fixed Deposit plan, you need to have minimum balance which is dynamic and will change as per market condition. User will be able to see the minimum limit at the time of making Fixed deposit on the platform.

4. Do we need KYC to avail Cashaa Earn features?

No, User don’t required KYC until the daily withdrawal is more than 5 BTC.

5. Do you have interest breakdown for each and every currency separately for both plan?

Yes, Please see spreadsheet for more detailed interest breakdown for both plan here.

6. How can I activate earning interest in CAS Tokens for higher interest rates?

Login to your Cashaa account and Clink on “Settings” under your profile. By default its set to “In Kind”.

To change “Interest Mode” from “In Kind” to “In CAS”, follow the image below.

*Note: Interest mode once updated can not be changed again before 24 hrs. 

7. What will happen to my loyalty level if CAS price increases or decreases, assuming my portfolio balance remain the same

Calculation is based on live CAS rate, so whatever the rate at that time the loyalty plan will be upgraded or degraded automatically.

For example: Suppose user have 1000 USD portfolio balance and 10% CAS (100 USD worth of CAS token in account) and this make user current loyalty level at “Silver”. Now suppose CAS price 5x from here and now user $100 worth of CAS token become $500, which is higher than 20% of total portfolio making user “Silver” loyalty level upgraded to “Diamond” automatically.

8. I made a Fixed term plan with “Auto Renew” enable. Can I cancel my Auto Renew after even after my term started.

Yes, You can cancel your Auto Renew option anytime on the platform. To do so just click “Cancel Auto Renewal” in your dashboard activity section. Refer below image for your reference.

9. Can I make more than one deposit for Cashaa Earn? What if, I already have Fixed term plan active on platform. Can I make another Fixed deposit with same currency?

Yes, You can have multiple active plan for same currency.

10. Can I withdraw my fund  before the deposit term end in case of emergency?

Yes, you can withdraw your fund by paying small premature cancellation fees. Details of cancelation fees will be available on platform itself.

11. Do I have to stake my CAS token to get higher loyalty level like other platform?

No, You dont have to stake CAS token to get any loyalty level. User just have to buy and maintain required CAS token as per their loyalty level in their account.

12. How is the daily interest calculated?

Interest calculations take place at UTC 08:30:00 daily.

Saving Interest calculation formula for the daily interest

Daily Interest = Minimum Daily Balance x (APY/365)

[The minimum daily balance is the minimum balance for the users’ crypto asset under Saving wallet between UTC 08:29:59 and UTC 08:30:00 every day]

13. I just deposited fund into my Cashaa account, why my interest not started?

The first interest payment after the initial deposit will be paid within 47hrs 59min not earlier than after 24hrs of the successful deposit at  08:30:00 UTC every day


1. Successful deposit credited at 07:30 UTC on the 10th of October. The first interest payment will take place at 08:30 UTC on 11th June. The waiting period equals 25 hrs.

2. Successful deposit credited at 09:30 UTC on 10th of October. The first interest payment will happen at 08:30 UTC on 12th June. The waiting period equals 47hrs. 

14. Where can I see the accrued interests from my active deposit(s)? 

You can see the daily interest from active deposits accumulate in Cashaa dashboard.

15. Will Cashaa use their team fund or buyback from the market to pay interest in CAS token?

Buyback from the market.

16. Many similar platform provide interest on deposit. Why to choose Cashaa over other. What advantages Cashaa offer to their user.

Due to our unique position as a banker of the crypto industry, we can bring the best yield APY Earn product. When we say we are the best, it is not just words. You can check our best-in-class interest rates compared to other platform here in details.

We are not only giving the highest APY, but more features will make us the first choice of every crypto user. Highest Interest rate, daily payment, better loyalty level, multiple fixed deposits options, purchase through multiple fiat options, security with a brand trusted by the crypto titans such as Binance, Kucoin, Nexo, Polygon, and many more. We ensured we have the best of everything in our personal accounts for crypto users.

17. Is there any tutorial for depositing crypto asset in my Cashaa account?

Yes, We have detailed step-by-step tutorial. Please click here.

18. Will my asset’s locked in “Fixed Deposit” plan, also going to considered for the calculation of my Loyalty level.

No, Any asset balance locked in “Fixed Deposit” plan will not be considered. Only fund in “Saving” account will used for the calculation for Loyalty level. User can add more CAS token in their account to again increase loyalty level or can wait for their CAS token to unlocked.

19. Who can participate in Cashaa Earn?

Cashaa Earn is available to everyone excluding:

  1. Account domiciled or operating in the NY, CT, WA, VT, NV, HI states of USA.
  2. China & sanctioned Countries.


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