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We are progressing rapidly with our coming milestones and are working hard to onboard more businesses with our pre-compliance team, see here. With now over 700 businesses signed up, we have come a long way, having started with UK Current accounts, soon adding Euro IBAN and the US Checking accounts, advancing Cashaa to become a one-stop solution solving all business banking needs.

While established and challenger banks keep rejecting crypto businesses, we are the only provider of banking services to crypto businesses that has an offer as comprehensive and affordable.

CAS is a vital part of the Cashaa ecosystem and one of the few tokens with a real-world value for its holders – from giving access to account limits, discounts on exchange and other fees for our business users, to staking and discounts for our personal users, you can find all you need to know about CAS utility here

In an environment, where less than 13% of ICOs have delivered a live product, according to a recent report by Ernst & Young, we were able to launch a profitable business with a product that is highly needed in the entire crypto industry.

As we are working hard to bank the unbanked crypto community, we want to share our success with personal users. We have decided to share our revenue collected in CAS on a quarterly basis as a thank you to our loyal users. 

With a small and humble start, Cashaa becomes a utility token of a live product with actual revenue, where the value will be driven based on demand and supply instead of mere speculation. This is the start of a billion-dollar project whose foundation has been build on the solid business model.  In total, between July and September, we have collected 3,076,407.20 CAS, of which 615,281.44 CAS (20%) will be given distributed and burned as per the below table. 

We also moved our staking system from centralized to decentralize on-chain and to celebrate it with everyone who made it successful we allocated an additional bonus token of 464309.00 CAS from the company revenue.

CAS Collection Burn Distribution
5% 15%
3,076,407.20 CAS 153,820.36 CAS 461,461.08 CAS + 464309.00 CAS = 923,770.73 CAS

For the list of individual participants’ staking rewards, see here

On one side Cashaa is creating powerful products and services to increase the utility of CAS, while on the other side to increase the scarcity of the CAS we will be burning the CAS every quarter. Once the 100 Million CAS is burned 25% of the revenue will be distributed in the form of bonuses to our personal users.

First 4 quarters ( June 2019 – Sept 2020) 5% 15%
Oct 2020 onwards 7% 18%
After 100 Million CAS are burned (25%) 0% 25%


Current Stakes

The total stake in for the period July-September, which can be seen on-chain on the Binance network, was 43,950,000.00 CAS, while the current stake for the period October – December is 67,133,155.88.00 CAS are staked.

For rules, terms, further schedule of our staking, and how exactly the collected fees will be distributed to Individual Plan holders, see here

If you want to participate in the next staking reward, make sure you subscribe before the end of the quarter! 

To get access to the next generation banking system and join a rewarding Cashaa community you can buy CAS on Binance DEX.

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

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