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Now in just 3 simple click, user will be able to convert their asset without waiting for the order book to fill out or for bids to get filled to complete the transaction. Our Convert feature is user-friendly even for new users, especially compared to spot exchange trading. You only need to learn how to enter the amount you want in the transaction and to preview the quote given.

Follow below simple step to start using Cashaa Convert feature:

1. Login to your Cashaa account and click on the “Convert” tab.

2. Select the token you have and the token you want to buy. You can choose to enter the number of tokens you want to use (at the top part) or the number of tokens you want to gain (at the bottom part) and click “Get Quote”. We will take BTC/CAS as an example here.

3. At the Quote page, confirm the exchange rates and click “Convert” within 15 seconds.

4. Voila! you had successfully exchanged your currencies and you can check your respective wallet for the converted balance.

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