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The last few weeks have been very exciting for us, we not only solved the biggest problem which all the businesses worldwide had with cryptos. We are going to launch the personal accounts with banking features in a few months, but before starting its subscription, we decided to give a few personal accounts already NOW to community members who are spreading the message of Cashaa to businesses who need help!

We can absolutely understand that you don’t want to wait longer for our business features to also come to your personal account. Therefore we decided to issue personal accounts with Mastercardfor everyone referring us to a business!

Onboard only one business customer for a Standard or an Advance account and get your personal account with banking features with Mastercard NOW, AT ZERO FEE, while everyone else has to wait for the official launch.

This account opening is subject to AML/KYC verification.

One business customer is enough for one individual to get crypto-friendly banking services.

How will it work?

  1. You have to make an email introduction to the business contacts at archit@cashaa.com.
  2. Once your referred business onboarded successfully we will send you an activation code on your email.
  3. Pass the activation code to the helpdesk from your Cashaa account to start your account activation process.


  1. From 1st September on, you’ll find your referral code in your account, to share with any business in your network. (Min 5000 CAS balance is required to participate in the program.)

You’ll be able to track the status of your referrals (pending/ invitation accepted/ KYC in process/ onboarded) in your account.

For 1 Business customer onboarded — Free Cashaa personal account with UK banking feature and Mastercard.

For every consecutive business, you will receive a 150 GBP bonus in your Cashaa account which you can spend through your Mastercard. There is no limit on how many businesses you can refer to us.

For the 1st account: You get the Personal account with UK current account

For the next 4: 150 GBP x 4 = 600 GBP in your bank account and upgraded to Smart Value without any stake.

Ex: You referred 5 businesses.

For the 1st account: You get the Personal account with UK current account.

For the next 4: 150 GBP x 4 = 600 GBP in your account 

This is your chance to help us grow and use the services much before they are launched to the public, and help your business friends get the account they need to grow their business.

Let’s bank our own community together!

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform


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