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We are glad to see the excitement around our Binance DEX listing. We have added the CAS purchase from the Cashaa wallet following requests of many businesses who did not want to acquire CAS from HitBTC, due to their bad reputation. Now that we have successfully migrated to the DEX, businesses can acquire CAS to get Banking services directly from Binance DEX.

1. All users (Business or Personal) have to acquire CAS directly from Binance DEX. We are stopping the trade of CAS from the Cashaa wallet until the wallet is linked with DEX. If your business has already wired the funds to acquire CAS it needs to be settled before 26 July 2019. No sale of CAS will be done through the Cashaa wallet after 26 July, 12:00 BST.

You can sign up at Binance DEX, and start trading CAS here.

2. Users from countries restricted by Binance can download Trustwallet for Android and iPhone and link their wallet to Binance DEX.

Furthermore, the team will start working to link the Cashaa wallet directly through Binance DEX to give you the comfort of trading at DEX directly from our wallet.

Cashaa’s strength is in connecting the traditional banking world with the fiat world, and our developers and architects already started working on integrating this with our Cashaa BEP2 wallet. We will enable Cashaa customers to buy/sell CAS as well as other BEP2 tokens via bank transfer, credit card, BNB, BTC, and ETH.

For more information on the various options to fund your Cashaa wallet, see here.

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