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How To Add a Recipient To Send Fiat Payments Through The New Platform

Please ​login on https://platform.cashaa.com/ and follow these steps to add a recipient on Cashaa wallet. Step 1. Please add recipient in your account before sending payments. To do so, click on Add Recipient on the left Sidebar to send money to your recipient as shown on the image below:     Step 1/a: Click on […]

How to execute order on the new platform.

Please ​login on https://platform.cashaa.com/ and follow these steps. Step1:- if you are visiting first time on this platform. please reset your password. Step 2: Click On Convert  in left Sidebar. Step 3. Click on Convert To Execute Your Order. The Cashaa Team The Next Generation Banking Platform  

Cashaa launches the world’s first global crypto-friendly banking platform

Cashaa builts its own internet banking platform to serve businesses worldwide after securing all the requisite permissions. It is also pleased to announce the launch of its crypto-friendly neo banking platform for the UK, Europe, and the USA.