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Buy/Sell CAS Token (Bep-20) On PanCakeSwap Using TrustWallet Mobile App

How to Buy & Sell CAS token (Bep-20) from Pancakeswap using TrustWallet Mobile App: To Buy or Sell Cas token (Bep-20) at Pancakeswap then certain prerequisites are needed. Download and Install the Trustwallet app on your mobile devices. Deposit BNB Bep-20 token to your wallet. Link Trustwallet to the Pancakeswap Exchange. 1. Download and Install […]

How to Enable your 2FA on the New Platform.

Prerequisite : Google Authenticator app must installed on your android or iPhone devices. Please ​log in on https://platform.cashaa.com/ and follow these steps to set your 2-Factor Authenfication. Step 1: Please Dropdown and go to Settings as shown on the image below: Step 2: Please dropdown the 2-step login to enable 2-Factor Authentification. Step3: Please tap on […]

How to pay your fee in CAS while doing a Transaction/Conversion on the new platform

Please ​login on https://platform.cashaa.com/ and follow these steps to pay the fee in CAS while converting your fiat/crypto in your Cashaa wallet. When you come on the Convert page, you will see your fee in your native. For eg: in GBP. Refer to the image below. To change the fee in CAS  please follow the […]

CAS Trading on Bitbns with INR / CAS Pair – Integration into Unicas products

  CAS is live on Bitbns as of 9.30PM 13th of January, 2021.  Unicas by Cashaa has started rolling out it’s physical branches and online crypto banking platform. Users are required to have min 10,000 CAS for Standard and 100,000 CAS for Premium crypto friendly banking services.  Based on CAS holdings, holders will be rewarded […]

Cashaa will list on KuCoin to aid the rollout of its Global Banking Platform

Cashaa will open accounts to India, USA, UK & Europe Cashaa is excited to announce it is listing on KuCoin exchange to aid the adoption of its native CAS token in conjunction with the rollout of the world’s first crypto friendly banking platform. Cashaa will be aggressively rolling out its services across India, USA, UK […]

Cashaa brings DeFi

A Preface for those new to DeFi Decentralized finance (DeFi) is an application of Blockchain technology that promises transparency in money markets. DeFi platforms intend to build an alternative financial system for offering & receiving loans, asset management, trading & exchanging currencies, making payments, etc. With no involvements of banks, brokers, or trusted third parties, […]