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How to execute order on the new platform.

Please ​login on https://platform.cashaa.com/ and follow these steps. Step1:- if you are visiting first time on this platform. please reset your password. Step 2: Click On Convert  in left Sidebar. Step 3. Click on Convert To Execute Your Order. The Cashaa Team The Next Generation Banking Platform  

Cashaa brings DeFi

A Preface for those new to DeFi Decentralized finance (DeFi) is an application of Blockchain technology that promises transparency in money markets. DeFi platforms intend to build an alternative financial system for offering & receiving loans, asset management, trading & exchanging currencies, making payments, etc. With no involvements of banks, brokers, or trusted third parties, […]

Hashtag for the CAS Bag – Twitter Competition

We’re here with yet another Twitter Competition on Hashtag for the CAS Bag. Prize Pool – 100,000 CAS Cashaa is the first global crypto friendly neo bank. Help spread awareness about Cashaa and its CAS token via twitter and get rewarded based on the engagement of your tweets / retweets.  The prize pool will be […]