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Important update to Indian users; Crypto is winner in RBIvsCrypto case in Supreme Court

Supreme Court of India has struck off Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) banking ban against #Crypto. The Court held that RBI Circular dated 6th April 2018 is unconstitutional.  Indian Website: https://cashaa.com/bitcoin-india Less than 6 months ago Cashaa launched its peer to peer INR service in India. With the support of our Indian OTC traders and […]

5 important Updates in January 2020 you should know

1. Unlimited crypto exchange In January, we have removed the limit on the crypto exchange; users can exchange as much Bitcoin, Ether, and Cashaa from January 2020 as they like. It means you can take advantage of the Cashaa crypto exchange function not to miss the bull run. E.g., You can now deposit 0.01 or […]

Cashaa’s CMC wallet — all you need to know from our first AMA session!

We hope you enjoyed last week’s AMA with Kumar! Our first session was focused on our main product, our CMC wallet. For all those who couldn’t attend, here’s what it all was about — you can also access the presentation HERE. Cashaa`s Multisig Compliance Wallet Just in the past days, an exchange’s user funds worth 190 […]

Learn all about the Cashaa Exchange

Learn all about the Cashaa Exchange coming on 20 February! Dear Cashaa Family, If you joined our last AMA, you heard it already, now we announce it for all: Our CMC Exchange will go LIVE on 20 February! Which problems are we solving? As you know, any centralized exchange can be hacked, seized or the […]

Use Mastercard and Visa Credit/Debit Card for purchasing CAS token

More reasons to join us now — we keep delivering according to our roadmap, after launching our Business Banking services we are glad to announce that we have started credit and debit card payments to allow users to securely buy CAS tokens. Login to your account now to try our new features, and share this great news with all your […]

Know the power of Cashaa Wallet for Personal Users

Cashaa is a unique wallet built on the philosophy of decentralization to bridge the gap between old and new money. Some of the fundamentals on which Cashaa’s personal accounts are developed include: Your keys, your Bitcoin Full AML/KYC to prevent wrongdoing Ability to store and spend crypto and fiat How is Cashaa different from other […]