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Buy/Sell CAS Token (Bep-20) On PanCakeSwap Using MetaMask Wallet

How to Buy & Sell CAS token (Bep-20) from Pancakeswap using MetaMask Wallet:   To Buy or Sell Cas token (Bep-20) at Pancakeswap then certain prerequisites are needed. Setup Metamask wallet at your desktop browser. Switch Metamask wallet default Ethereum Mainnet to Binance Smart Chain Mainnet. Link Metamask wallet to the Pancakeswap Exchange. 1. Setup […]

Deposit, Withdrawal and Conversion Fees for Fiat & Crypto

National currencies: Deposit and withdraw from your own bank account Currency Symbol Deposit fees Withdrawal fees Payment system  Euro EURO 0 0.50% (Min €10) SEPA US Dollars USD 0 0.50% (Min $10) ACH US Dollars USD $20 1% (Min $35) Wire/SWIFT National currencies: Deposit and withdraw from third-party bank account Currency Symbol Deposit fees Withdrawal […]

How to open a helpdesk ticket?

Thanks for reaching out. Please note that if you have any questions or issues, you can also raise a helpdesk ticket in your account. This enables our team to see relevant information on your account, as well as the possible issue more quickly and easily, and therefore we will be able to help you faster […]

How to swap token from you MEW wallet ?

Step 1: You will have to log in to www.myetherwallet.com and Access My Wallet.   Step 2: Please Click on Software section to log in.   Step 3: Select a Private Key and Continue.   Step 4: Enter your Private Key and Click on Access Wallet.   Step 5: Once you open your dashboard, you have to […]

How to SWAP ERC20 CAS to BEP2 CAS ?

Step 1: Please login into www.cashaa.com, If you do not have an account please register for an Account.    Step 2: Click on the CAS SWAP section from Menu Bar. You will find CAS ERC20 address to send your existing CAS token. SEND TOKEN ONLY TO THE ADDRESS HIGHLIGHTED BELOW EVERY USER GET’S UNIQUE ADDRESS ON CAS […]