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Cashaa Fi Staking: How to stake CAS tokens on the Polygon Mainnet to earn 30% rewards

Cashaa Fi Staking Overview: The staking initiative will allow CAS holders to quickly and easily stake their tokens on the Polygon to earn rewards — both in CAS as well as MATIC tokens. By providing rewards in both CAS and MATIC tokens, the Cashaa staking application will help the CAS community easily gain access to […]

How to Transfer CAS (BEP-20) from Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to Polygon Network (Matic) and (Vice Versa) Using CashaaFi Bridge

How to Transfer CAS (BEP-20) from Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to Polygon Network (Matic) and vice-versa Using CashaaFi Bridge   What is CashaaFi Bridge? The CashaaFi Bridge is an easy-to-use cross-chain bridge that allows users to easily move their CAS tokens between multiple blockchains. This will help CAS tokens find utility across multiple blockchains, while […]

How To Add a Recipient To Send Cryptocurrency Through The New Platform

Please ​login on https://platform.cashaa.com/ and follow these steps to add a recipient in Cashaa wallet. Step 1. Please add recipient in your account before sending any Cryptocurrencies. To do so, click on “Add Recipient” on the left sidebar as shown in the image below:   Step 2. Click on “Add a recipient” on top of your dashboard, please […]

How to deposit cryptocurrencies to your Cashaa account

Please ​head over to https://platform.cashaa.com/ and follow these steps to deposit any of the supported digital assets and cryptocurrencies.   Step 1: Log into your Cashaa account and navigate to [Account] Step 2: Scroll down and search the cryptocurrencies you wish to deposit and click on it. Step3: If it is your first-time depositing, then […]

How to make a Crosschain (Bep-2 to Bep-20 / Bep-20 to Bep-2 ) Swap for CAS token on TrustWallet.

What is Crosschain Swap? Trust Wallet has added a new feature called Crosschain Swap that allows converting of tokens between Binance Chain Bep-2 and Binance Smart Chain Bep-20. Crosschain Swap enables TrustWallet users to easily convert CAS BEP-2 tokens to BEP-20 tokens and vice versa.   Download and Install the Trustwallet app on your mobile device: Refer to this link […]

Add/Remove Liquidity on Pancakeswap

How to Add/Remove Liquidity on Pancakeswap using MetaMask Wallet: To Add/Remove liquidity at Pancakeswap then certain prerequisites are needed. Setup Metamask wallet at your desktop browser. Switch Metamask wallet default Ethereum Mainnet to Binance Smart Chain Mainnet. Link Metamask wallet to the Pancakeswap Exchange. Deposit BNB Bep-20 to buy Cas token Bep-20. The above Steps […]