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Deposit and withdrawal fees for fiat and crypto

National currencies: Currency Symbol Deposit fees Withdrawal fees Min Deposit Limit (Without fees) Indian Rupee INR ₹0.00 ₹100.00 ₹10,000.00 Euro EURO €0.00/€10 €5.00 €1,000.00 Pounds GBP £0.00/£2.5 £2.50 £1,000.00 US Dollars USD $0 $2 No limit Crypto assets: Asset Symbol Deposit fees Withdrawal fees Bitcoin BTC 0 0.0005 Ether ETH 0 0.005 Cashaa CAS 0 […]

How to enable Google 2FA in your Cashaa Account ?

  Step 1: Please login into www.cashaa.com, If you do not have an account please register for an Account.   Step 2: Select 2FA Security.   Step 3: You have to download the Google Authentications Application. If you have an iPhone you can select App Store or If you have an Android Phone you can select […]

Will I be getting the participation bonus for supporting the SWAP?

The bonus will only be given if the tokens for the SWAP will come from the address from which the vote has been made. DO NOT MOVE TOKENS TO another address other than the SWAP address. The system will match the address you used to vote and all the incoming transactions and will allocate your […]

Do I have to swap my tokens?

Yes, you will need to swap your tokens. We have conducted a community voting which ended in favour of the swap with an overwhelming majority. Therefore we decided to go ahead with it and gave 6 months to swap, until 25th December 2019. If you have any questions, see our FAQ here. If you are still […]

How to open a helpdesk ticket?

Thanks for reaching out. Please note that if you have any questions or issues, you can also raise a helpdesk ticket in your account. This enables our team to see relevant information on your account, as well as the possible issue more quickly and easily, and therefore we will be able to help you faster […]

How to swap token from you MEW wallet ?

Step 1: You will have to log in to www.myetherwallet.com and Access My Wallet.   Step 2: Please Click on Software section to log in.   Step 3: Select a Private Key and Continue.   Step 4: Enter your Private Key and Click on Access Wallet.   Step 5: Once you open your dashboard, you have to […]