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Meet Janina Lowisz at Cryptovator’s Blockchain for Businesses Event, London!

A lot has happened in the past weeks — we have updated our account plans, we have started business onboarding this month, reaching 177 business signups and over 2000 individual signups. We are excited to present all the latest at the Blockchain for Businessesevent in London, which is bringing together over 50 participants and inspiring speakers. With over […]

Coinfest 2019 — Meet Janina at the UK’s most popular cryptocurrency event!

Another week, another great event! While we are busy rolling out our new plans and onboarding the first businesses, we are also excited about the many events we’ve been invited to lately! In many parts of the world, Coinfest is the place to be — since it started in 2013 in Vancouver, it has established itself as a […]

Meet Kumar at Global Blockchain Forum 2019, Mumbai — The Next Wave!

We have an exciting week, not only is it marked by Monday’s launch of our much-awaited business plans, but also with Global Blockchain Forum 2019 — The Next Wave, coming up — if you are in Mumbai, make sure you join us tomorrow Friday, 12 April! Global Blockchain Forum 2019 is organized by Pyramid Learning Platforms, a worldwide technology events producer which organizes […]

Vote for Kumar to win the Top Blockchain Innovator Award and join us at London Tech Week!

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are considered as the most important inventions after the internet. But like any other disruptive technology, it has gone through criticism by existing power owners whose existence has become threatened due to new inventions. But despite all the criticism, a few people never let their spirit die. This year TechXLR8 is hosting […]

Meet us at Consensus 2019 — UK Current Accounts, Community Meetup, Prizes and more!

Consensus 2019, the yearly industry-leading event attracting over 2500 blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world, which for many years has been the number one place to be for anyone in this space, is approaching fast, and we have a lot of exciting news to share with you! Meet Kumar and Janina at New York Blockchain Week, […]

Celebrate Cashaa’s 3-year birthday at London Tech Week!

Cashaa is having its 3rd birthday this month, which better way to celebrate than in London, where we started! Meet us and celebrate all past successes and a promising future at London Tech Week, 9–16 June 2019! London Tech Week is the UK’s annual flagship event in partnership with the UK Government and supported by the Mayor of London, showcasing its role […]