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Compare various Bitcoin buying platforms in India- ₹ 10,000 Giveaway

Hello community, Recently one of our community members from India has written an informative article explaining the best ways to buy Bitcoin with Indian Ruppe. Click here to read the article.   We want to welcome more users to compare the results with personal experience of Buying 1 BTC through bank transfer in India. You can […]

We care for all our community members- Quarterly Staking update

In our last quarter, we made our first revenue and as a community-focused company, we want to share this moment in a sustainable way with as many Cashaa members as possible. Initially, the decision was made that users who will complete the on-chain staking by 25th August, will be able to share the monthly collection […]

Learn about us and win $10,000 in CAS on twitter and Binance DEX telegram

Having access to the existing banking system is the biggest problem all crypto companies in the world are facing. Even the giant of industry like Coinbase is not able to save its self from banking problems. Cashaa has solved it. Yes, you heard it correctly. Crypto-related businesses are underserved by banks and our goal was […]

CAS Binance DEX Trading Competition – 2,000,000 CAS in 21 Days

Total Rewards Budget: 2,000,000 CAS Duration: 3 weeks (21 days) Requirements: Daily volume greater than 35,000 CAS on a minimum of 5 days a week, weekly volume of minimum 210,000 CAS, and a minimum holding of 5,000 CAS Realtime leaderboard: Click here   Our much-awaited CAS trading on Binance DEX started on 18 July, and […]

Cashaa Meme Competition Announcement — Get creative and win 50,000 CAS!

Remember our Meme competition a year ago? We would like to capture that great spirit again and therefore announce a new edition, running from 1–18 July 2019! How does it work? Make a high-quality, unique, original and creative GIF and/or meme showing your love for Cashaa and our bright future ahead! Post your GIF/MEME here: https://t.me/CashaaCompetition2019 We have 2 categories: […]

Vote for Kumar to win the Top Blockchain Innovator Award and join us at London Tech Week!

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are considered as the most important inventions after the internet. But like any other disruptive technology, it has gone through criticism by existing power owners whose existence has become threatened due to new inventions. But despite all the criticism, a few people never let their spirit die. This year TechXLR8 is hosting […]