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Cashaa moved to Binance Chain, offering free Bank Accounts to Binance Chain Projects

We would like to announce that after having moved our native CAS token from Ethereum to Binance chain, crypto businesses looking for banking services are now able to acquire CAS from Binance DEX, trading started on 18 July at 12:00 BST. Our mission is to provide a hassle-free banking experience for the crypto community, especially […]

Cashaa’s CMC wallet — all you need to know from our first AMA session!

We hope you enjoyed last week’s AMA with Kumar! Our first session was focused on our main product, our CMC wallet. For all those who couldn’t attend, here’s what it all was about — you can also access the presentation HERE. Cashaa`s Multisig Compliance Wallet Just in the past days, an exchange’s user funds worth 190 […]

Introduction to Cashaa APIs — Build your business on top of Cashaa!

Thanks to all who joined us last Sunday for our third weekly AMA session. After our last AMAs about our CMC wallet and exchange, we wanted to share with you how these can be used by you. At our recent Blockchain Summit India, we got many requests from businesses who want to use these already. We will […]

Crypto Businesses, look no further, UK Current Accounts are here for you!

One of the main problems which led to the foundation of Cashaa was the gap between traditional systems and cryptocurrencies. Crypto companies, which frequently have as a goal to bank the unbanked, are struggling to open bank accounts for themselves. Especially smaller companies related to cryptocurrency get rejected by traditional banks, including in the US […]

Use Mastercard and Visa Credit/Debit Card for Crypto Purchases on Cashaa

More reasons to join us now — we keep delivering according to our roadmap, after launching our Business Banking services we are glad to announce that we have launched credit and debit card functionality to allow users to securely buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and CAS. The service is enabled on all Personal and Business accounts all over the world excluding the USA. […]

Cashaa — One Account for Old and New Money!

Bitcoin is a new kind of money system free from countries’ politics which gave birth to a peer to peer electronic cash system. Bitcoin’s market cap today is more than 100 Billion while the market cap of all the crypto in circulation is roughly 180 Billion, combining over 2000+ cryptocurrencies. There are currently 716 K […]