John R Martin
Financial Advisor

We are pleased to share that we have added the next Smart Yield wallet to the SwissBorg app – users can now earn a yield of up to 8% on their Tether (USDT!).

USDT was added to the SwissBorg app on 15th June 2021, and in just over a week we already have over $200k USDT in the SwissBorg app.

Why earn a yield on stablecoins?

While the crypto markets offer many exciting investment opportunities, crypto assets are also known for their volatility. By contrast, stablecoins are pegged to assets like fiat currencies and commodities, which offers price stability in relation to other cryptos.

As USDT is a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, the Tether Smart Yield offers users the opportunity to generate passive returns on an asset that will hold its value, and hedge against the volatility of other crypto assets. In a bear market, a portfolio that is diversified with a stablecoin Smart Yield wallet can also still make a profit, as we found in this diversification experiment.

Why choose USDT Smart Yield?

In addition to USDT, SwissBorg now offers Smart Yield wallets on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and USD Coin, and all wallets come with the following benefits:

  • The Smart Yield strategy optimiser, which rates all investment opportunities on their risk and potential return, and only invests in programs that achieve a minimum risk score
  • A daily compounded yield, which leads to a higher yield over time!
  • A minimum deposit of just $10, and no minimum investment period, so everyone can start earning a passive return on their crypto
  • The Safety Net Program, where we contribute 25% of maximum yield earnings to offset smart contract risk
  • Transparent reporting in our monthly Smart Yield reports, so you can track each yield wallet’s performance, asset allocation and Safety Net growth

Plus, users who stake CHSB to go Premium can also boost their yield! Our current Premium accounts are:

  • Genesis Premium: Stake 50,000 CHSB to earn 2X the standard yield
  • Community Premium: Stake just 2,000 CHSB to earn 1.5X the standard yield

Plus, as a Premium user you will get reduced fees on all exchanges!

How to activate USDT Smart Yield

To activate your yield wallet in the SwissBorg app:

1.Update your app to the latest version

2. Deposit, buy or exchange to USDT

3. On the Portfolio screen, tap on USDT

4.Scroll down, and tap the Yield Wallet card

5.Tap Top Up

6.Choose how much you would like to add to your yield wallet

7.Follow the prompts to start earning a daily yield!

Note that while there is no minimum investment period, redemptions are actioned every 24 hours. Once you ask to redeem funds, they will be transferred to your active account at 8am GMT the following day.