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The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform


Cashaa brings DeFi

A Preface for those new to DeFi

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is an application of Blockchain technology that promises transparency in money markets. DeFi platforms intend to build an alternative financial system for offering & receiving loans, asset management, trading & exchanging currencies, making payments, etc. With no involvements of banks, brokers, or trusted third parties, or governments. DeFi eliminated the middlemen. 

DeFi has grown exponentially in 2020, with the total value locked (TVL) in DeFi protocols now exceeding $12 bn+. In Q2, 2020 DeFi became the third-largest category within Ethereum, accounting for 24% of the total activity. This was the result of only 4000 active wallets.

The fact that DeFi is a revolution is well established. However, there isn’t any exclusive DeFi project catering to all services seamlessly. The barriers to entry are high with a steep learning curve, which limits the adoption of DeFi by retail consumers. The global organized lending market is nearly $6.8 trillion. For DeFi to thrive, seamless integration of offerings to retail markets is needed.

Cashaa announces Cashfi – Defi for the masses

Cashaa was launched in 2018 with a vision to provide banking solutions to Crypto Businesses and Individuals. With a goal to provide one account for both old and new types of money, offering a comprehensive DeFi solution is another step to achieving this. After successfully running the primary function of a bank, Cashaa is uniquely positioned to be able to provide the bridge between decentralized and centralized finance.

Cashaa has partnered with Apple, Nike, Paytm, Peter England, Macy’s, Flipkart, and 2000+ other merchant partners to offer high discount (to the extent of 0%) consumer loans. Cashaa facilitates on-ramp and off-ramp solutions which enables it to provide these services directly via bank transfers. 

Cashaa users will be able to take advantage of the growing DeFi ecosystem. Being present in the industry for a long time, Cashaa very well understands the nuances of the crypto markets like volatility. To safeguard its users from losing their collateral, Cashaa will soon offer collateral insurance services. 

Empowering CAS Tokens

CAS is the utility token used to access Bank accounts and Fiat-Crypto-Fiat ramping services provided by Cashaa. The demand for these services will increase dramatically with billions of dollars being moved on and off the DeFi ecosystem. With thousands of Individuals & Businesses ready to access Cashaa’s accounts and corresponding services an exponential surge in the demand of CAS tokens will occur. 

Cashaa will benefit from the hundreds of new people joining the DeFi revolution every day that do not want to deal with the sophisticated and rather technical process of operating DeFi protocols, including swaps and liquidity pools. We are creating a ‘super simple interface to DeFi’. Most services will work with just one click on your phone!
Cashaa aims to become the obvious choice for anyone starting with DeFi. 

Cashfi will launch in Q2, 2021, with more details coming soon. 

Hashtag for the CAS Bag – Twitter Competition

We’re here with yet another Twitter Competition on Hashtag for the CAS Bag.

Prize Pool – 100,000 CAS

Cashaa is the first global crypto friendly neo bank. Help spread awareness about Cashaa and its CAS token via twitter and get rewarded based on the engagement of your tweets / retweets. 

The prize pool will be distributed to all participants in accordance with the total number of points they accumulate during the competition period.

How to Earn Points:

Create your own original tweets including one or more of: $CAS | #CAS | #Cashaa | @yourcashaa


1 Point For Each Like

2 Points For Each Comment

3 Points Each Time Your Tweet is Retweeted


1 point For Each Retweet of Another’s Cashaa Related Tweet

Competition Period: 

15th October – 15th November


  • Complete this Form with your Twitter Username & BEP 2 Address. 
  • Follow @YourCashaa and @Kg_Cashaa
  • Start tweeting, your points will be automatically calculated

No limit on number of tweets

Accounts buying fake followers, likes or comments will be ineligible.

Good luck!!

The Cashaa Team

The Next Generation Banking Platform

Former Journalist & Communication Expert Arnab joins Cashaa

Cashaa is emerging as one of the leading players in neo banking whose mission is to provide easy to use banking services for old and new currencies. The concept of allowing users to seamlessly manage fiat and crypto was brought up by serial entrepreneur Kumar Gaurav along with a strong workforce of the best, brightest, and most passionate people in the industry.

We would now like to welcome Mr. Arnab D who is joining us as Head Marketing Communication. Arnab is a seasoned journalist with over 24 Years of experience in Media. Apart from this he has in the last few years worked on brand communication, corporate communication, public relations, and crisis management for some of the top global brands. In his last assignment, he worked with H+K Strategies India, leading global financial and management institutions with their India communications plans.

Arnab is a first-class Mass Communication and Journalism post-graduate from the University of Pune who loves to collect action figures and work on DIY projects. During his years in Journalism, he has worked with media houses like CNBC, India Today Group, NDTV, France 24, and BloombergTV in business and international desk. He has also consulted brands like Audi, GSK, ITC, Morgan Stanley, HSBC, and S&P Global to name a few.

He has also had the distinction of being a media consultant to the Indian Parliament and German trade body such as Messe Munchen. Mr. Arnab has the distinction of making a series of documentaries on NREGA as a part of the Social Audit for the Government of India. 

He has also produced some of the signature shows in Indian media such as Weekender, Indianomics, Wizards of Dalal Street (Wallstreet of India). During this period he has the distinction of interacting with some of the biggest corporate names globally.

With the induction of Arnab, we intend to use his connection and skills in journalism to do better storytelling for Cashaa. Apart from this Arnab’s experience in working with brands for their marketing communication will help us work effectively across our potential markets and enable Cashaa to build a wonderful growth timeline with interesting storytelling at every corner.
We are looking forward to our journey together!

Best regards,


The Next Generation Banking Platform for The Next Billion

Follow us on Twitter: @yourCashaa

Join the Telegram discussion at @CashaaLtd

Cashaa raises $5 Million for global expansion

Initiating our global expansion plan, covering losses from Delhi OTC hack and applying for the highest certifications of CyberSecurity

1. We are proudly announcing the raise of USD 5 million from Dubai firm O1ex

2. Coming focus on expansion in India by being first neo bank to deal with crypto.

3. Funds are SAFU, we will cover the users’ loss from the Delhi OTC hack in July ‘20.

4. We are in the last stage of achieving certification for the highest global standards of CyberSecurity audits for our Banking platform, the PCI and SOC 2

We are excited to announce the raise of USD 5 Million from Dubai based O1ex, a blockchain investment and advisory firm, which is another milestone for us as the largest crypto-friendly neo-bank on a mission to change the banking industry. Previously, we had raised USD 33 Million during our token sale in 2017, of which we rejected USD 14.34 million due to the inability of token buyers to pass our KYC and AML standards.

Our expansion plan:

As a part of our expansion plans, we are all set to launch our neo-bank for India. Our goal is to pave the way for a crypto-friendly banking system for the country where services will be regulated under the Reserve Bank of India. 

With this, we are planning to tap into the growing crypto user base in India. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Cashaa coin, Ethereum and Tether are already part of our banking system, like the US Dollar, Euro, Sterling Pound, and possibly Indian Rupee soon. More cryptocurrencies such as Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and EOS will be added in 2021. 

As we are handling huge amounts of AML and transactional data on cryptocurrency-related banking transactions, we can enable regulators to understand the industry better and help it develop a positive outlook towards the industry. A feat we are planning to repeat in India as well.

‘India has tremendous potential in its fintech sector. We believe that the next big evolution in the Banking and Crypto space can actually happen from India. Hence, we have been actively working on developing products, working on our infrastructure and recruitments to power our entry into the Indian market. Apart from India, we will also tap into the African and Caribbean market.’ – Kumar Gaurav, CEO & Founder

We will also be using part of the funds to patch the July 2020 Bitcoin hack that occurred at our Delhi OTC. Although the attack did not affect our operations directly, our leadership took it upon itself to resolve the issue and ensure the confidence of the users who lost their Bitcoins. The loss stands restored now and all funds are SAFU. During this process, a lot of global investors had approached us with investment proposals, but we accepted the one which enabled it to patch users’ losses and enabled our ambitious growth in India as a neo-bank.  The hack had not impacted our operations, which had remained secure as the attack was on personal systems and was termed as a one-off case.

Furthermore, our prime objective is to ensure that our users always felt secure and hence we immediately used our expansion fund to cover the loss in India. By doing this, we not only set an example to the crypto industry but also became the second company after Binance which did not pass the loss of a Bitcoin hack to its users. Binance too had introduced SAFU, which they have used in the past to cover the loss due to the hack of 40 Million USD. This decision to rescue our users has not only helped us gain interest and confidence from fund managers and VCs but also has made the industry sit up and take notice of our commitment to keeping users’ interest at the core.

Our growth story

In the recent past, despite multiple regulatory challenges, we managed to onboard hundreds of crypto brands, enabling them to run their operations. Also, the last quarter’s onboarding rate grew to 83.16% for crypto businesses from its initial 17.5% in 2019. 

We are now overlooking massive amounts of transactional data coming from crypto companies that enable us to build an AI for transaction monitoring for AML. This has given the regulators comfort to allow us to build our own banking system. Also, this data has given us a huge competitive advantage compared to any bank/financial institution which intended to bank crypto businesses. 

Our achievements:

  1. More than 1500+ crypto companies from all over the world are waiting to be onboarded. 
  2. More than 100+ crypto companies are already using the BETA version which includes brands like Nexo, Paxful, CoinDCX, Unocoin etc.
  3. We are now at the last stage for approval on our banking platform, the final version launch will be done in phases starting from October and completely rolled out by Dec 2020.   
  4. A huge amount of AML and transactional data has been collected in the last 12 months with patterns from multiple businesses such as crypto exchanges, ICOs, STOs, IEOs, wallets, Lending, DeFi, gaming and gambling businesses, etc.
  5. Our team has gained on-ground experience in running banking operations for high-risk businesses. 
  6. Cashaa has been profitable since March 2020, even before releasing our final product. 
  7. We got multiple awards and recognitions like Top 50 Emerging Fintech Business by KPMG, Top 3 Finalist of BBVA Open Talent for “Fintech for People”, awarded Technology Provider of the Year for SME in 2018 and many more. 
  8. Built a strong utility for CAS token which is officially listed on Binance DEX.


For further information on us please visit:

Media Contact:


Follow us on Twitter: @yourCashaa  

Join the Telegram discussion at @CashaaLtd

MXC Cashaa AMA with Janina Lowisz

Thanks for participating in the MXC <> Cashaa Telegram AMA.


Our very own lovely Blockchain Girl talked to thousands of MXC Telegram community members. In case you missed the AMA here is the summary of the AMA.


Introduction section where Janina introduced Cashaa to MXC community: 

Cashaa is the largest crypto-friendly neo-bank based in the UK, providing services to more than 1400+ businesses from the crypto industry. Our partners include Paysafe Group and many others, including financial institutions and trusts regulated by the FCA, Central Bank of Lithuania, and Colorado Division of Banking.
Existing services:

1. UK current account

2. Euro IBAN account

3. Card processing, powered by Paysafe

4. Exchange services for BTC, ETH, CAS and USDT in INR, Euro and GBP

Please have a read through the white paper, especially the roadmap section, to know everything important about us and to be able to answer our quiz round later:


Community Questions: 

Janina picked 5 questions whose answers are below. 


1.If you summarize the Cashaa project in one word, what would it be? What are the core features that create the value of CAS. Can you share some highlights from them?

‘Neobank’, as we can give you all the features of traditional banks, but without excluding anyone based on the industry they’re in. 

Since our launch in 2019, we are now the largest crypto-friendly banking service provider in Europe. With a growing utility, and more products being launched in the coming days, CAS coin demand is constantly growing as it is required by everyone in the world who is dealing in crypto. 

2. What is the ecosystem of Cashaa? What is the role of CAS in the ecosystem?

Cashaa ecosystem is everything about banking. We are building a better bank that understands and supports cryptocurrencies.  

Currently, most of our services are only for the crypto businesses, including GBP and Euro IBAN accounts, card processing powered by Paysafe, and Visa Card issuance for Business.

We do have a crypto wallet for personal users with on-chain transaction monitoring, to make sure our users stay compliant and do not deal with bad actors in the crypto world. Our wallet allows storing and converting fiat (Euro, GBP, INR and USD – coming next week) to Bitcoin, Ether, CAS coin, and USDT.

Cashaa (CAS) powers the Cashaa banking ecosystem. As the native coin of the Cashaa platform, CAS has multiple utilities such as application processing fees, set up fees, discounted international wire, exchange fees, transaction fees, and access to crypto-friendly banking services restricted only for CAS holders.

3. Does CAS have lock-up, and community activities to raise awareness and bring mass adoption?

We have a lock-up token for 3 years with an annual vesting period that belongs to the company, team and advisors, and community fund. 

50 Million (5% of total supply) CAS tokens were dedicated to community events, which will be used for community activities and to reward great contributions. 

There are many upcoming initiatives are coming for mass adoption for the awareness of Cashaa among billions of people, one of them which is already announced is Crypto Bulls Roadshow in India in partnership with the government to establish us as one of the successful crypto banks in India. More details at

4. It is challenging to build banking services, what are the problems Cashaa had to go through to build itself? 

Crypto-related businesses are underserved by existing banks. Our mission is to create a hassle-free experience for the entire crypto industry including exchanges, wallets, traders, and holders who are harassed regularly by existing banks, and charged huge fees. 

Thanks to our focus on compliance and AML and our comprehensive tools with which we were able to make crypto transactions compliant with regular banking, we got a huge advantage due to which we got partnerships with banks and other regulated companies. We are just starting with the underbanked crypto industry but our aim is to become the largest banking platform in the world with Bitcoin and CAScoin. 

5.Does Cashaa also support staking? If so, how can users stake their CAS tokens?

We have a staking program of 100,000 CAS to allow personal users to get access to crypto-friendly international banking.  

The opening of personal accounts will start in July 2020. Only 21,000 Personal premium accounts with Visa cards will be issued in 2020 to give our international banking advantages to the early Cashaa adopters. 

Follow Cashaa on Twitter and Join on Telegram to not miss the amazing banking services.


Quiz Section: 

1. Name 3 CAS utilities Banking (Business), Account Limit (Business), Crypto Exchange Fee, Transaction fees, Int. transfer fees and FX Banking (Personal)
2. When we are launching Visa Card programs for exchanges and crypto companies for their community? Q3 2020 (July-September)
3. When will Cashaa launch USD accounts for personal and business users? Q3 2020 (July-September)
4. In which country does Cashaa help you to get a crypto license to start an exchange or crypto business? Estonia

Follow Janina on Twitter to keep in touch after the AMA @blockchaingirl